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We’re a locally run boutique holiday home management and rental accommodation service.

We love this region and enjoy sharing it with our visitors whilst providing a faultless management service to our property owners. We work hard and smart to provide a high-quality service, whilst maintaining a friendly, trustworthy and reliable reputation.

With a background in hospitality, property management and real estate, we can assure a service that is second to none.

This is a guide outlining the advantages of renting your investment property as a holiday home for guests to the Nelson Tasman region.

1. Domestic Tourism Is Booming!

Since Covid has put the breaks on most international travel, the 3 million overseas trips that Kiwis took in 2019, will be replaced with domestic holidays.

Figures also show that we were spending more on overseas accommodation than ever before, up 40% from 2016.

Kiwis are itching to explore their own country. This is a great opportunity to offer your investment property to get Kiwis seeing more of New Zealand, as holiday rentals can often return a greater yield than full-time rentals.

As a result of the pandemic, many guests have also moved away from hotel accommodation in search for a more private stay which a holiday home offers.

2. Houses like to be used

Homes appreciate being loved and used! Houses left empty for long periods often experience niggly issues – fridges need to be opened, cupboards aired, appliances checked etc.

When you use our holiday home management service, our property managers and contractors will frequently visit your home, ensuring it’s secure, maintained and spick and span.

3. It can actually be more secure!

We’re incredibly stringent on the level of cleanliness and security before and after guest stays.

Properties left vacant for extended periods can lend themselves to attracting unwanted attention. When there are guests and property managers more frequently at the property it looks lived in, making them less of a target to burglaries.

4. Visit your holiday home whenever you wish

Even though your home will be available for guest bookings, you can always block out the dates when you’d like to stay! It’s the best of both worlds!

Here could be your chance to give guests the unique chance to create some amazing experiences by sharing your holiday home, while at the same time maximising your financial return and enjoying your property for personal use if you wish

5. Increase the ROI of your investment

By opening your investment property up for short-term holiday stays, you can often make more profit than long term rentals.

Especially when you work with a home manager like us, we take care of all the heavy lifting.

There you have it – How to make your investment property work for you!

At Nelson Bays Holiday Homes, we offer a comprehensive boutique property management service for holiday homes in the Nelson/Tasman area.

We have years of experience in the industry and manage an exclusive portfolio of homes. With specialists in sales and reservations, marketing and property management, we’re ready to work with your special home and deliver the best guest experiences while maximising your returns and acting in your best interests.

If you’re thinking about renting out your holiday home, please contact Sian on the details below:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 027 296 8345

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